Sakinah Circle has grown out of a vision of education based on the Qur'anic worldview developed by the Muslim Education Foundation(MEF), a non-profit society registered with Alberta Registrar of Corporations. A foundaional approach in  (2006), this approach to holistic learning, grounded in Islamic spiritual and intellectual tradition, has received enthusiastic response from Edmonton's growing Muslim community. MEF approached the principal at the Argyll Centre for Home Education in 2006 for support in developing a program of education based on the vision described below. Sakinah Circle started as an alternative pilot in 2007.


In the spring of 2007, collaborative efforts of MEF and the Argyll Centre resulted in an afterschool program entitled  which was offered over eight evenings. Seventy five students and their parents attended the series. Subsequently, representatives of the MEF and the Sakinah Circle Society, the parent group supporting the program worked with the District to pursue their goal of an alternative program. In the fall of 2007, an onsite enrichment program was initiated at the Argyll Centre with 21 students. The following year, the Sakinah Circle Pilot started up as a full day program for Division 1. This provided opportunities for informing a curriculum scope and sequence in addition to being able to identify resources.

In Sakinah Circle, we view Alberta Learning curriculum through the lens of the Qur’anic worldview.