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Today's Assembly recitation

Reciting morning duas and also 
learning the 6 ayats of fasting.

Today's Class recitation

Grade 1  Surat Alfateha

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Nurturing Our Children

Use inquiry-based discovery learning strategies to pursue the interests of your child. Encourage creativity—there are many ways to approach every exploration. Spend time outdoors every day in all weather conditions to deeply know the land where you live. Go for walks.  Read great books at home.  Talk and listen to each other. Home is the first place of learning.Halal is not enough. Our food needs to be tayyib—wholesome, healthy and pure. We need to know what’s in our food and where it comes from. Pack a nutritious lunch; avoid highly processed foods and sugary snacks. At home, eat together as a family. Active play, physical exercise, plenty of fresh air, and habits of care are all part of a healthy lifestyle.