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Today's Assembly recitation

Reciting morning duas and also 
learning the 6 ayats of fasting.

Today's Class recitation

Grade 1  Surat Alfateha

Our Partner

Parent Commitment


  • My child will arrive well rested and ready to learn.
  • I will actively participate in school activities, volunteer at least once during the school year and attend parent meetings.
  • I will make sure my child attends the daily morning assembly on time with respectful behavior.
  • My child will bring wholesome and healthy food to school (avoid highly processed foods and sugary snacks).
  • I will teach my child to meaningfully participate in salah, including ablution and the etiquettes of salah.
  • My child’s clothing will be respectful and modest.
  • My child will have regular outdoor activities to explore nature and connect with creation.
  • We will have regular quality family time together.
  • I will monitor and supervise my child’s screen time; my child will not carry games and internet devices to school.
  • My child will not be absent from school for extended periods of time.
  • I will pay Sakinah Circle fees.