Muslim Education Foundation (established in 2005) is a not-for-profit society. Its main objective is to integrate faith and learning through development of education resources based on the Qur’anic worldview. It has an international board of advisors consisting of senior scholars and a local board responsible for its operations. MEF achieves its objectives through research and publications, training workshops, and by professional association with other organizations with similar initiatives (for more information, see

With regard to Sakinah Circle, MEF is responsible for

  • the development of authentic educational resources to deliver Alberta Program of Studies from the Qur’anic worldview;
  • professional development to support teachers in their efforts to align the program with its vision;
  • oversight of procurement of Sakinah resources;
  • management of the content and delivery of the daily morning assembly and instruction during the time allocated to teach students selected portions of the Qur’an and related Islamic teachings dealing with the foundations of faith and good character;
  • development and maintenance of the program’s website (;
  • management of all funds (student fees, donations) related to Sakinah Circle Program.

Certain aspects of this worldview were articulated in the 2006 MEF publication Concentric Circles, Nurturing Awe and Wonder in Early Learning.
In 2007 MEF approached Edmonton Public Schools to explore options for including this approach in their programs. An exploratory eight-week enrichment program, entitled “Doorways to Islamic Civilization” was warmly welcomed by the Muslim community. This led to an on-site enrichment program at Argyll Center for Home Education, followed by a two-year pilot program. Sakinah Circle was approved in March 2010 as a KG – Gr. 6 alternative program. Sakinah Circle started at Grace Martin School in the 2010-2011 school year.
What is the Qur’anic worldview?
Three fundamental beliefs define the Qur’anic worldview:
1. Tawhid – Unicity of Allah Most High;
2. Risalah (Prophethood) – Divinely chosen human beings have been sent to guide humanity, the last of whom was Prophet Muhammad, upon him blessings and peace
3. Ma‘ad, literally the Return – belief in Resurrection, the final Reckoning, and life in the everlasting Hereafter
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