The role of MEF in Sakinah Circle is to

  • provide authentic resources
  • deliver professional development
  • support teaching of Alberta Program of Studies based on the Qur’anic worldview

Certain aspects of this worldview were articulated in the 2006 MEF publication Concentric Circles.
In 2007 MEF approached Edmonton Public Schools to explore options for including this approach in their programs. An exploratory 8-week enrichment program, entitled “Doorways to Islamic Civilization” was warmly welcomed by the Muslim community. This was followed by a two-year pilot at Argyll Center for Home Education; Sakinah Circle was approved in March 2010 as a KG-Gr6 Alternative program. Sakinah Circle started at Grace Martin Sakinah Circle in fall 2010.
What is the Qur’anic worldview?
Three fundamental beliefs:
1. Tawhid – the absolute Unicity of Allah Most High, the Creator of the heavens and the earth;
2. Risalah (Prophethood) – Divinely chosen human beings sent to guide humanity, the last of whom was Prophet Muhammad, upon him blessings and peace
3. Ma‘ad, literally the Return – belief in Resurrection, the final Reckoning, and life in the everlasting Hereafter