Sakinah Society (SS) is comprised of all parents and guardians of students registered in Sakinah Circle.

SS was established by the Muslim Education Foundation (MEF) in 2010 as a subsidiary body to support the Sakinah Circle Alternative Program at Grace Martin School.

• student registration process to ensure that the expectations of interested families align with the program objectives and philosophy;
• initiatives and activities to enhance learning at Sakinah Circle (such as,  Sakinah-oriented field trips, outdoor learning, parent volunteers for teaching crafts, etc.);
• organization of parent gatherings in consultation with the school administration;
• special Sakinah parent events (e.g., Eid celebration, field trips, grade-six graduation ceremony, community service projects, etc.);
• help parents understand the vision of Sakinah Circle; and
• communicates information about Sakinah Circle events and activities to parents.

Sakinah Society

  • supports the vision and mission of the program
  • communicates with the wider community
  • hosts parent gatherings
  • coordinates volunteers
  • helps with fundraising efforts
  • helps plan activities for Ramadan, Eid celebrations, year-end celebrations, and other special times