Sakinah Society is a subsidiary body established by the Muslim Education Foundation. All parents of students in Sakinah Circle are part of Sakinah Society. Everyone is encouraged to become involved and participate in the Sakinah Circle family.
A volunteer group of these parents and representatives of Muslim Education Foundation form the Sakinah Society Board which

  • acts as a liaison between the school administration and parents
  • assists with student intake to ensure that expectations of families align with the program objectives and philosophy
  • communicates with parents about program activities and events
  • organizes parent meetings

Parents pay Sakinah Circle fees which are administered by Sakinah Society. These fees enhance learning with the Qur’anic worldview by funding:

  • development of resources for teaching with the Qur’anic worldview
  • professional development for teachers specific to the vision of the program
  • on-site personnel to provide spiritual guidance during non-instructional time
  • books and other resource materials
  • Sakinah Circle program activities
  • additional nature-focused field trips
  • Eid celebrations