The Arabic noun ‘sakinah’ means “tranquility; inner peace; stillness of the heart”. The noun sakinah appears six times in the Qurʾān.

The educational philosophy of Sakinah Circle is derived from the Qurʾānic worldview which is based on its three axial themes: Tawḥīd (Unicity of Allah Most High), Risāla (Prophethood); and Maʿād (Resurrection). This philosophy is further explained in the foundational text of the Program: Concentric Circles, Nurturing Awe and Wonder in Early Learning, a Foundational Approach (Elma Harder, 2006). Concentric Circles provides the theoretical framework and pedagogical examples of an approach to learning rooted in the Qurʾānic worldview. Briefly stated, the Qurʾān teaches that throughout the span of our lives, we remain in a dynamic relationship with the Creator and His creation and that whatever we do in our earthly lives matters both for the duration of life on earth and for the life in the Hereafter. The educational philosophy emerging from this worldview makes us life-long learners, endowed with intentionality and purpose. This educational philosophy places a great deal of emphasis on having a holistic and nurturing learning experience, leading to spiritual and intellectual growth that nourishes Sakinah in the heart... Read more….