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Today's Assembly recitation

Reciting morning duas and also 
learning the 6 ayats of fasting.

Today's Class recitation

Grade 1  Surat Alfateha

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The registration process for Sakinah involves filling out Sakinah Society forms (this years forms are attached) and as well as filling out the EPSB registration form. These forms can be picked up from the school once registration for the new school year has started.

There is a deadline for registration, which is set by Edmonton Public Schools.

Once the forms are received, parents are contacted by Sakinah Society members and met with to explain the details of the program.

After the deadline, since there is a cap on the number of students per grade, if there is an over subscription in any grade level, it goes to a random selection process as per EPSB policy.

Parents are notified of the status of their application within a week of the deadline.