About Us

We are a KG to Grade 6 alternative program in Edmonton Public Schools.

Our Vision: education that leads to development of critical minds and hearts conscious of their relationship with the Creator, fellow human beings, and the natural world that surrounds us.
Our Mission: to provide a learning environment and guidance that recognizes the learner’s innate nature (fiṭrah), seeks to nurture God-consciousness (taqwa), and cultivates compassion so that learners strive to become God’s true vicegerents (khulafah).

We teach the Alberta Program of Study with a Qur’anic worldview. This means that the Alberta Program of Study is seen through the Qur’anic lens, and Islamic concepts and Qur’anic content are integrated into the curriculum. We have a thematic approach to connect learning experiences in all subject areas and across grade levels. Being nature-focused, historically-rooted, and service-oriented are our three pedagogical pillars.