Vision & Values

Sakinah Circle envisions education that leads to development of critical minds and hearts conscious of their relationship with the Creator, fellow human beings, and the natural world that surrounds us.
Our mission is to provide a learning environment and guidance that recognizes the learner’s innate nature (fiṭrah), seeks to nurture God-consciousness (taqwa), and cultivates compassion so that learners strive to become God’s true vicegerents (khulafah).
Sakinah Circle aims to nurture five critical attributes. We strive to be intentional, responsible, respectful, reflective, and real throughout the school community.
Three fundamentals of the Qur’anic worldview are: Tawhid, Risala, and Ma’ad, that is, the Unicity of the Creator, Prophethood, and the Return of all existent beings to Him, Who created them. Sakinah Circle infuses these beliefs in the core of its delivery of Alberta program of studies.
The Qur’an reminds us to reflect on the “signs” of the natural world. We try to bring nature focus to our learning wherever possible, to increase each child’s connection to the cosmos and to nurture awe in creation. We all need quiet moments to recognize the wonders of nature and cultivate deep spiritual connections.
We want each child to identify with her or his own historical roots, find role models in Islamic history, and learn about Islamic civilization and tradition. Finding our meaningful place on the timeline of history provides connection to the past, our present, and looking to the future in the next life.
We value daily outdoor activities to learn and play, during school time and also at home. Not only do outdoor experiences in natural places help children really learn about nature in nature, the benefits of having deep connections to nature improves our lives in many other aspects.
Service to others and experiences in stewardship are fundamental to becoming a compassionate human being with a conscious heart. We encourage good deeds and intentionally seek opportunities for service.

Profile of a Sakinah student